Various accessories

Various accessories

Hand photo cutter

The practical hand photo cutter for perforating single pictures or advertising inlays. This product has already become standard in the photo-branch. So why shouldn´t you use it as a standard product?

Perforating Measures: SP-Version 46/32 or 45/35mm

Special sizes such as: Round diameter 57mm or other as S-Version. Individual sizes can be proposed on request.

Preperforated Inlay

We offer preperforated paper for the inlayer of our car rental keyrings. The paper is printable with standard inkjet or laser printers and single inlets can be pulled out handily. Your advantage: For smaller quantities up to 3.000 pcs., inlayers can be printed fast and uncomplicated on site.  We offer the fitting sizes for the keyring models: G1, F4, S4 and S5. The papers have a grammage of 120gr. We would be pleased to hand in our concrete proposals to you.

Key rings

We offer key rings, which will also be suitable for your key-fobs or other give-aways. We always have diverse models on stock. Certainly we will support you with detailed information on your concrete request.

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