Custom makes

Custom makes

We make acryl flexible

MachineAt the beginning there is mostly an idea for a new product, which sketchily has to be drawn on paper.

After some tests, much consideration and the agreement with the customer, we are creating scaled drawings. These provide a basis for constructing the molding-tools.

Economical considerations have to be taken into account at the same time. The molding-tools are created for mass-production and for long lasting use. Therefore they represent the major share in total development costs. So it is very important to be aware of profitability. If products should only be used for singular events, only seldom there is a good relation between returns and investments. It is more likely to reach the break-even within short time, if it is planned to launch a product for middle- and long-term use.

Short ways of decision, a simple organisation, our know-how and the own machinery park for making molding-tools are the basis for our flexibility. We make acryl flexible.

Tool design and construction

The heart of our flexibility is our machinery park for molding-tools. Small enough to be quick in operating, but large enough to make tools, which are qualified for mass-production.

For us, this vertical differentiation is of the highest use, as we create our own tools and are always capable to modify them. For you, we can either develop your tools for external production or we are able to transform your idea in a product, that is ready to launch in the market. Developing, producing and packing is all done under one roof.